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"What is going on in this world? Though you are alive,darkness looms only inches away. A world where any move you make could be a dangerous mistake. So we will step away from the mainstream and live like vagabons or common drop outs. A psychedelic Rhapsody for someone just like you. Next episode Bohemian Rhapsody. Doncha wanna hang out and waste your life with us?"

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Wittner Fabrice has perfected the tricky art of light stenciling.

He shot these photos in Hanoi and Christ Church, New Zealand. Check out his behind the scenes shots under Enlightened Souls at his site!

Light Stencils in Hanoi & New Zealand

remember when you had to have a good voice  to be a singer… ah good times

six days is like slow unstoppable monsoon of sound approaching your very being to destroy it with monotonous thoughts

Tokyo ska paradise orchestra, a Japanese ska band singing in English, whats not to like.